Buenos Aires to Rio – the team

Following up from my New Zealand team battering, here’s the second group of folk I spent 3 weeks travelling from Buenos Aires to Rio with –

Ellie – Birmingham, England. Spent the that few weeks of her mad adventure scrimping on meals, hang gliding and a bit sick, soldiered on and off home to find a new job.

Samantha – a racist at heart, Bern, Switzerland. Just finished 2 years in Singapore and once she’d finished slumming it with us lot off home to start a new job in a cheese factory. Private rooms were the only option.

Seth, Auckland CIA Invercargill, New Zealand. Almost put me off my favourite country, almost. Loves all things video games and comics: long suffering partner of Phoebe.

Phoebe – Auckland, via Singapore, New Zealand. Tried alongside her other half Seth, to put me off New Zealand. The least caring doctor I’ve ever met. Off on a bit more travels to Patagonia before going home to continue being a bad doctor.

Vish – London. Trainer magnate, works in The Diner, London and offers free drinks and food to anyone who mentions my name. Started the trip with hair, finished with none. Generally had us all in stitches.

Hannah – Ireland. Travelling with Megan. Outdoor adventurer in the making, counting down the weeks to head off in her next stop – a Yoga and Scuba diving instructor.

Megan – Scotland. On a round the world adventure, blogging, picturing and off to South Africa for more fun times. Hannah’s mate/partner in crime.

Gary – Melbourne, Australia. Another doctor, another one on a long travelling adventure. Loves press ups.

Reggie – Sydney, Australia. Ate breadsticks, stank from a lack of personal hygiene, her actual teeth. Travelling to find a cure for her lack of personality; yet to find it.

Lynne – our guide, Toronto, Canada, via Cuba. Always smiling, always drunk, loved putting on accents. Cheers for the craic missus, Empanadas.

Apologies for all offence caused, but I’m right. Thanks for the adventures you lot!

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