South Island, New Zealand – the goodbye :(

Landed at Wellington, straight to hostel, shower, shave and out.

And what a night out – we signed off in style 💪 ordered what sounded like a good burger, but no meat; had a few beers and a lovely cocktail called a Jaegerbomb – these are new to me so had a few more, I’m on holidays…. nearly made Cory cry, the money’s not actually real bud.

My new favourite

Safe to say 8.30am start to make everyone breakfast with Pete and Liv came too soon….

All fed and watered the goodbyes/tears started. Staci hated us so much she went to the airport a day early….

And that was it, we all started to part ways, some folks heading home, some heading off for more adventures. Safe to safe I had a ball; half the fun of travelling is meeting new folks and despite hating everyone I managed to survive and I’m a better person for it 😳

All seriousness, they were the best bunch of folks – these trips throw a random bunch together for 2-3 weeks and you never know what you’re going to get – I reckon we got the best. Thanks to absolutely all of you for helping me have the start to my career break I’ve had – wishing you all safe travels. Here’s to Ocktoberfest 💪

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